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Singapore Citizenship

Singapore Citizenship Application

There are a number of advantages, incentives and benefits of becoming a Singapore Citizen – the ability to travel with ease carrying a Singapore passport, as well as world-class education, health-care and housing facilities, as well as excellent employment opportunities and working conditions.

Singapore is considered as one of the best cities in Asia (if not the world) to live in and work. It is safe, environmentally friendly and largely westernized. Singapore ranks high amongst the best countries in the world for high quality standards of living and employment. These beneficial factors amongst many others is why so many individuals and families are attracted to Singapore, quite often on a long term or permanent basis. As a result, a large number of potential residents consider whether or not to secure Singapore Citizenship. This guide will take you through many of the requirement becoming a Singapore citizen.

EligibilityThe following categories of people are eligible to be considered for Singapore Citizenship:

  • A person who is at least 21 years of age and has been a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) for at least 2 to 6 years previous to the application date. The SPR who wishes to apply on his/her own merits may apply for a preliminary assessment interview to check his/her eligibility for Singapore Citizenship.
  • pouse of Singapore Citizen with a minimum of 2-year residence as a PR and married for at least 2 years previous to the application date.
  • Children born outside Singapore where at least one parent is a Singapore Citizen.

An overseas-born minor (child) may be eligible for Singapore Citizenship by Descent under Article 122(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, if his/her parents meet any of the following conditions:

  • Male Singapore citizen by Birth who has a lawful marriage at time of minor’s birth
  • Male Singapore citizen by Registration who has a lawful marriage at time of minor’s birth and minor does not acquire citizenship of the country he was born by reason of his birth in that country Female Singapore citizen by Birth and minor born on or after 15 May 2004
  • Female Singapore citizen by Registration and minor born on or after 15 May 2004. Minor shall
  • not acquire citizenship of the country he was born by reason of his birth in that country Male (who has a lawful marriage at time of minor’s birth) or Female Singapore citizen by Descent has
  • to declare their residence period in Singapore. The application can only be accepted if the parent fulfils the requirements stipulated in the Annex.

The application has to be submitted within one year of the child’s birth. Otherwise, a letter of explanation and additional documents are required for the late submission.

All applicants for citizenship must be of good character, have satisfied the residential requirement and have the intention to reside permanently in Singapore. They must also be able to support themselves and their dependents financially.


Documents Required :

For male/female applicants and spouse above 21 years old (If married, spouse’s documents are still required even if he/she is not applying)

One recent passport-sized colour photograph of applicant affixed on the completed citizenship application form. The photograph must be:

  • 35 mm wide by 45 mm high without border and taken within the last three months
  • taken full face without headgear, unless the applicant habitually wears a headgear in accordance with religious or racial customs. The headgear must not hide the applicant’s facial features;
  • the facial image must be between 25 mm and 35 mm from chin to crown; and taken against plain white background with a matt or semi-matt finish;

Additional Documents Required :

  • Identity Card and Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate; Divorce Certificate; Separation Deed
  • Passport or travel document
  • Entry Permit Card/Re-entry permits
  • Educational Certificates and Skill Certificates.
  • A letter of employment from current employer stating occupation, date of employment, basic and gross salary per month.
  • Latest 6 months payslips.
  • Death Certificate of ex-spouse, proof of child/children’s custody from previous marriage, if applicable.
  • Deed Poll or Religious Certificate for change of name (if any).
  • Birth Certificate(s)/Passport or travel document of child/children.
  • Entry Permit/Identity Card of child/children.
  • Foreign Citizenship Certificate and Foreign Identity Card, if any
  • National Service Certificate of Service, if any.

You are required to supply all the original and a photocopy of these documents. You may also be required to furnish additional documents whenever necessary.

We understand that it can be difficult to organize and collate such a comprehensive list of important and official documents, which is why the friendly team at is here to help. As well as helping you locate, supply and organize the entire range of official documents required to compliment your Singapore Citizenship Application, we will expertly guide you through the entire application process, ensuring you and your family have the greatest chance of successfully living and working in Singapore.


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