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Singapore Immigration Consultants is dedicated to helping people from Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many other nations, in settling down in Singapore. We deal with both skilled professionals and foreign investors who wish to enter the Singaporean economy. With years of experience, we can help you easily get the right permit and visa to live and work in Singapore legally. Our team of experienced accountants, lawyers, and immigration experts can guide you in this journey until you successfully settle down in Singapore.

Are you ready to invest or work in Singapore? Are you struggling in getting your Singapore visa renewed? We have your back! Contact us today and allow us to solve your problems.

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Our Immigration Services & Solutions

Our Immigration Services & Solutions

Get Your Company Registered in 1 day and begin your business operations in Singapore

Organizations can form incorporation in Singapore. Business owners have to register through the national regulator of business entities, ACRA, while considering all the local regulations regarding tax planning, staff relocation, and paperwork. The following options are available:

Enables successful foreign entrepreneurs to set up companies and relocate to Singapore

Allows foreign entrepreneur to set up and relocate their business in Singapore

Get your dream job in leading companies of Singapore

Singapore, apart from being a leading tourist spot, is an amazing country to live and build your career in. One of the first things you should do is obtain a Singapore Employment Pass (EP) visa to have complete authority to work as an employee in SG.

Get your permanent residency and enter the SG economy with over $2.5M for investment

According to the conditions of the Global Investor Programme (GIP), successful foreign investors can get a Singaporean permanent residency for themselves and their families once they make a minimum investment of S$ 2.5M in the SG economy.

Allow us to help you settle in Singapore peacefully and successfully

As a leading consultancy offering Singapore immigration services, you can get your work permit visa or Employment Passes to make a living while living in SG. From work permit application for domestic workers and labourers, to Employment Passes for experienced professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions From Immigration.sg

The Global Investment Program is an investor visa that enables high-net personalities to get the Singaporean Permanent Residence for themselves and their families under the condition of making a minimum investment of 2.5M SGD. Singapore city’s investment potential praised as the “world’s best” in the BERI’s report in 2014, country’s political stability, low crime rates, tax benefits, and government’s co-investing initiatives make the Global Investor Program one of the most in-demand visas in the investment world.

S-Pass is one way that can allow foreign medium-skilled workers to work in Singapore and make their lives stable. This can include foreign technicians working in pharmaceuticals, marine and other industries. Singapore is a country offering excellent employment opportunities to foreigners.

Singapore’s Work Permit is a wonderful opportunity for unskilled workers from Asian countries to get a chance to work in SG companies. There are many booming and prosperous industries in Singapore including construction, mining, manufacturing, etc.

The Permanent Residence is a premium visa solution that enables holders of employment visas, entrepreneurs and investors to live and work in Singapore indefinitely enjoying flexibility and freedom in pursuing career pinnacles as well as other pleasant perks such as decent and more affordable housing and healthcare, privileges of CPF fund, better education for kids, business freedom, and so on.