What Is Dependant’s Pass In Singapore?

The work visa holder can invite their official spouse and children to Singapore through the help of a Singapore Dependent Pass. PEP, S Pass, and EP holders can avail the opportunity of getting a Dependent pass in Singapore. Not only this, the relatives invited can achieve many other benefits, including educational and employment freedom. But keep in mind that the work visa holder must earn a minimum of 5,000 SGD to meet the eligibility criteria. Entrepass holders who are businessmen can invite their family members as well if they renew their visas once.

Requirements for Singapore Dependent Pass

Singapore Dependent Pass is offered to lawful spouse and legally adopted kids under the age of 21. The main criteria of a Singapore Dependent pass are straightforward. They must meet the age and relation criteria to become eligible. But the working visa holder must be:

  • Earning a minimum salary of 5,000 SGD per month from a reputable organization.
  • A person must hold an Entrepass, Personalized Employment Pass, Employment Pass, or S Pass in Singapore.
  • The hiring company of the work visa holder must be a well-established firm.

The eligibility criteria of businesspeople are:

  • Offering at least four jobs to locals or others
  • Getting through the visa renewal process one time effectively
  • The business must spend a minimum of 150,000 SGD in a Singaporean firm.

Advantages and Features of Dependent Pass

  • Only lawful spouses of children under the age of 21 years can be eligible for the Dependent Pass.
  • The foreigners cannot apply for the Visa. On their behalf, a hiring company of the working visa holder or a visa agency can apply.
  • A Dependent pass can be extended. The validity is for two years, but the duration still depends on the work visa.
  • Children visiting Singapore through a dependent pass can get admission to public schools. However, finding a position in schools can be difficult for foreigners.
  • The holders of a Dependent pass have the freedom to work in Singapore if they find a job. Yet, a letter of consent must be applied by the employer to hire a foreign worker. The best part is that the employer would not have to fulfill quota or levy requirements due to which finding a job would not be difficult.
  • If the working visa holder plans to have a baby, he must earn a minimum of 5,000 SGD for the upbringing of the child in Singapore. The baby would be allowed to stay in the country for the first six weeks. However, if the eligibility is not met, the baby would have to be deported instantly.
  • The dependent pass entirely depends on the working visa. If any case the work visa expires or gets canceled, then this would automatically lead to the cancellation of the dependent pass in Singapore.
Rejection of Singapore Dependent Pass Application

There are many cases when a Dependent Pass gets rejected due to the low salaries or bad reputation of a company. The working visa holder must earn 5,000 SGD to invite his spouse or children. The salary criteria are pretty high due to which many people are unable to qualify for this pass. The government encourages the work visa holder to provide a financially stable life to his dependents in the country. If the salary is low, then the government would get a reason to reject the visa. Even if the hiring company of the work visa holder is not reputable or young, the government quickly gets a chance to refuse the visa. The government also catches a firm if it tries to show a fake salary of an employee. The government has expertise in finding fraud. Whatever the reason is, you can always resubmit better documents against the rejection. The employer or visa agency would have a time of 3 months to appeal. Re-submitting the same documents would not help to make the case successful. The reason for rejection would always be mentioned in the letter by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). If you are unsure how to appeal for the case, you can always take help from a professional visa consultant agency like us. We will help you prepare better papers and submit them to have higher chances of approval. It is advisable to get the documents prepared by a visa agency as we know better how to get the visa approved. Our skills can help you get into Singapore without any difficulties and efforts.

Application Procedure for a Dependent Pass in Singapore

The application can only be submitted by the sponsoring company of the working visa holder or a different visa agency. They can apply for the pass online or manually as well. If the application is lodged through EP online, then it will be a quicker process. The results would be processed in 7 days; however, manually, it may take five weeks. The employer or agency must submit an individual application for every member. Whether you want to apply at the start of the working period or later, it is your choice. After the approval of Dependent Pass, the applicant must visit the country within six months to complete the remaining process. If a child is born, it will be allowed to stay in the county for six months. After that, one of the parents must meet the dependent pass salary requirement to get a pass for the child as well. The documents submitted by the company must be flawless and very professional. They must be in English; if not, they would have to get them translated through a professional. If the employer is unsure about the eligibility or process, they can contact us to seek better help. Our expert consultants would help you understand the process step by step.

The Best Way to Get a Dependent Pass in Singapore

With such a high salary requirement, it has become difficult for individuals to call their family members to Singapore. If the employer wants to avoid any risks, then they should take help from a professional visa consultancy agency. They will guide you accurately on how to apply and do the paperwork. If you are not sure about the process, then it may be a waste of effort and money in lodging for an application. As time is passing by, the requirements of MOM are also changing and advancing. Many criteria are not disclosed, and only visa agencies know how to tackle them properly. It’s better to take help from skilled consultants rather than wasting your energy and time. A visa agency like us knows how to make a presentable application with proper documents. If you are still confused, then you can always get in touch with us. We can also provide you with a free assessment of your papers and case

Renewal of Singapore Dependent Pass

There are two ways to get the Singapore Dependent Pass extended:

  • Through EP online, an application can be submitted. 6 months before the expiry of the pass, the option will be available. Within seven working days, the results will be disclosed.
  • Manually the employer can prepare and submit the renewal application. The application must be received by the MOM 14 days before the expiry time. This may take five weeks to get a result. An employer will receive a mail three months before the Dependent pass expires.

The extensions of the visa highly depend on the working visa holder and the hiring company. It is not guaranteed that the application would get approved. The authorities will keep an eye on the financial status of the work visa holder and the hiring company of the visa holder. The changes in the requirements are frequent. Therefore, it is essential to stay updated and ask professionals for better guidance. For a free assessment, you can always contact our consultants.

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