What Is Work Permit In Singapore?

Singapore’s Work Permit is a wonderful opportunity for unskilled workers from Asian countries to get a chance to work in SG companies. There are many booming and prosperous industries in Singapore including construction, mining, manufacturing, etc. A person who gets this permit can easily make their life stable in a rich country. As the work permit of Singapore is given to unskilled workers; therefore, the demand is pretty high. Consequently, the government has set many restrictions, quotas and levies in terms of this visa.

Requirements for Work Permit in Singapore

The eligibility for a Singapore work permit visa are:

    • The applicant must be from an approved Asian country by the government. This may include India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and many more. For further details, you can check the list of countries online
    • The applicant’s passport must be valid.
    • The age limit of the applicant for the work permit should be 18-50 years. A Malaysian worker's age limit is till 58 years.
    • If Singapore work permit holders get into any other activity not stated, this can lead to a cancellation of the visa.

The hiring firm offering the work permit must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The employer must pay the employee the confirmed wage.
  • The company can hire only 20% of foreigners as a quota.
  • A security bond must be of 5,000 SGD for those who are non-Malaysian.
  • Levy should be paid according to the skills of the worker. The lower the skills, the higher the levy should be.
  • Health insurance must be provided to the worker getting the work permit.
  • The employer must cover housing and other essential needs.

Advantages and Features of Singapore Work Permit

  • The process of the visa is concise. It takes only one day to process.
  • Foreign workers are not authorised to apply for the work permit themselves: only a visa agency or the hiring company can apply for the visa on behalf of the applicant.
  • You must first get a job in Singapore to apply for the permit.
  • All nationalities are not given the work permit. The list can be checked online on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website.
  • The work permits validity can go up to 2 years. However, the time depends on the contract, security bond, and other essential factors.
  • There is no salary limit for getting a work permit in Singapore
  • The quota of a company should be 20%
  • A levy must be paid according to the skills of the worker.
  • A security bond must be of 5,000 SGD for those who are non-Malaysian.
  • The visa can be extended if the worker and the hiring company meet the criteria.
  • A work permit holder doesn’t have the authority to own a company in Singapore
  • Singapore Work Permit holders cannot bring their family through this visa
  • A work permit holder cannot get Singapore Permanent Residence status
  • If a worker plans to quit a job and switch, he may apply for a new work permit. However, if the worker is a Malaysian, he may be allowed to switch the job on the same work permit
What to Do if Work Permit Application Gets Rejected?

Rejections in work permit applications are normal. Many foreign workers apply for this permit, which means the demand is very high. Due to the high demand, the government has set strict restrictions to control the flow of foreign workers in the country. The requirements of the work permit are so high and severe that many applications get rejected. Along with that, if the quota is completed then also the government rejects a visa. Even if the hiring firm is not that big or new, then also the governments deny the permit. Bad educational background, less experience, unapproved nationality or low profile are also significant reasons behind the rejection of many applications. Don’t worry if you get rejected; you can always appeal for it. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) always states the reason in the rejection letter. You still have a chance to cover up all the weaknesses. To make your case better, you can always take help from consultants like us. Our agency helps every person to get a visa in the easiest way possible. We will adequately see the rejection reason and advise you about the best solution. You will have three months to appeal for the case. After the appeal, the process may take three weeks. If you still require any help, you can always contact us for further help and guidance.

How to Apply for Working Permit?

The application can be processed online only by the hiring firm. The agency or hiring company can apply online through their account only. As mentioned above, the form takes only a day to be processed only if all documents are submitted accurately. If the application gets approved, the applicant would be allowed to arrive in Singapore with the help of the printed approval letter. The company would have to prepare a contract, pay the security amount (only if the worker is a non-Malaysian), and buy insurance for the foreign worker before he arrives in Singapore. Once the employee comes, he will be asked to get a medical test done and to complete the further registration required. The validity of the visa can go up to 2 years depending on the other factors.

How to Get Work Permit in Singapore?

In order to become a work permit holder, the worker needs to be eligible and the company to be recognised. New companies can face issues. A new company may not be able to show the government agencies their working policies and business profiles properly. If the company is planning to offer foreign workers jobs, then they should also take help from a visa agency. They will guide you on the best how to apply and do the paperwork. If you are not sure about the process, then it may be a waste of effort and money in lodging for an application. It’s better to take help from skilled consultants rather than wasting your effort and time. A visa agency like us knows how to make a presentable application with proper documents. If you are still confused, then you can always get in touch with us. We can also provide you with a free assessment of your papers and case.

How to Renew Singapore Work Permit?
  • It is essential to renew the work permit as soon as possible. If not done on time, you may be charged an extra fee.
  • Only eligible candidates can ask for a renewal. (Further details of renewal criteria can be found online through the MOM site)
  • Those candidates who are not eligible must appeal for the case.
  • If a company is sure that they may not be able to apply for the renewal on time, then they should ask for an extension from the authorities.
  • The employer would have to pay again for the security bond, and new insurance must be purchased for the worker.

If you are confused or have any query in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants. Their help and guidance would give you a better understanding of the process and its eligibility.

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