What Is Singapore S Pass?

S-Pass is one way that can allow foreign medium-skilled workers to work in Singapore and make their lives stable. This can include foreign technicians working in pharmaceuticals, marine and other industries. Singapore is a country offering excellent employment opportunities to foreigners. These workers are offered a visa based on their skills and expertise. The salary must be a minimum of 2,200 SGD provided to an employee. There are also some crucial requirements that must be met by the employer as well as the employee. To find out more about an S-pass read below.

Requirements for S Pass in Singapore

Eligibility criteria for the technicians include

  • The validity of the applicant’s passport must be at least seven months.
  • The minimum salary for the applicant must be 2,200 SGD.
  • The salary should also be based on the expertise of a person. For example, an older person should have a higher wage and better expertise to justify the application.
  • The applicant's previous work experience must be good enough. The more the age, the better the experience should be.
  • The foreign candidate must be an educated person holding a degree or qualification from a wellknown university. The qualification must be based on his expertise.

As the demand of the S Pass is higher due to which the government has set strict policies and criteria’s for such applicants as well as the hiring company:

  • The hiring company must be recognised and reputable. If they have never applied for any visa before, they must present themselves clearly to the authorities.
  • If the Singaporean hiring firm is operating in niche services, they would have a limit to hire 15% of the foreigners. All other sectors have a minimum quota of hiring 20% of their total staff as foreigners.
  • The hiring company must have a CPF account
  • A levy must be paid for each foreign worker.
  • Healthcare needs should be covered by the hiring company of a foreign employee (health insurance).

If you have any confusion with the amount of levy or any other details, you can always contact our consultants to seek better guidance. They would make all the steps clear to you and help you with the application process. We also provide a free assessment for our clients.

Advantages And Features of S Pass

  • The validity of the visa is for two years. But this will depend on the validity limit of the workers' passport. The validity of the permit would be one month less than the passport.
  • The minimum validity of the visa can be seven months.
  • The foreign worker cannot apply for the visa. Only a visa agency or the hiring Singaporean company is authorised to apply for a Singapore S-Pass.
  • The minimum salary of the Singapore S-Pass applicant must be of 2,200 SGD.
  • If specific criteria are met then the Singapore S-Pass can be extended to 3 years. But as mentioned above, it will be one month shorter than the validity of the workers' passport.
  • The hiring firm must meet all specific criteria including the levy, monthly wage limit, healthcare needs and quota in order to apply for an S-Pass in Singapore.
  • The Singapore S-Pass holders are not allowed to own or register a company in Singapore.
  • Those workers who have a wage over 5,000 SGD are allowed to call their spouse and children to Singapore. However, children must not be over 21 years.
  • A Singaporean S Pass holder is allowed to get married in the country. However, if they plan to have a child, they should meet the salary limit of 5,000 GSD. If the salary is below the border, they must leave the country.
  • The S Pass holder can apply for Singapore Permanent Residence. However, this may take a verylong time to process.
Rejection Of The Singapore S Pass Application

Rejections in S Pass applications are normal. Many foreign workers apply for this pass, which means the demand is very high. Due to the high demand, the government has set strict restrictions to control the flow of foreign workers in the country. It is crucial for the documents to be highly professional to make your application look more appealing to the authorities. The cases when the application gets rejected are:

  • The experience and qualification of the foreigner may not be up to the mark.
  • The hiring firm may not have met the quota.
  • The firm hiring may not be a recognised one.
  • The hiring firm’s previous records may not be so good.
  • The skills of the foreigner may only be average.

Don’t worry if you get rejected; you can always appeal for it within three months. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) always states the reason in the rejection letter. You still have a chance to cover up all the weaknesses. To make your case better, you can always take help from consultants like us. The authorities also suggest that if you cannot address the problem adequately, then you should get it done through a professional. Our agency helps every person to get a visa in the easiest way possible. We will sufficiently see the rejection reason and advise you about the best solution. You will have three months to appeal for the case. After the appeal, the process may take some time. If you still require any help, you can always contact us for further advice and guidance

Application Procedure of S Pass in Singapore

The application can be processed through EP online only by the hiring firm or a professional visa agency. The form takes seven days to be processed only if all documents are submitted accurately. All papers are required to be English. If not, they should be translated into it.
If the application gets approved, the applicant would be allowed to arrive in Singapore with the help of the printed approval letter within two months. The company would have to prepare a contract, pay the levy amount, and buy health insurance for the foreign worker before he arrives in Singapore. Once the employee comes, he will be asked to get a medical test done and to complete the further registration required. The validity of the visa is up to 3 years depending on the other factors.
Whether the hiring company lodges the application or a visa agency, make sure that the documents are submitted accurately to prevent rejection. If you get in touch with us, we will help you prepare the documents in the most presentable manner.

The Best Way To Get Singapore S Pass

In order to get become an S Pass holder, the medium-skilled worker needs to be eligible, and the company must be recognised. If the company is planning to offer foreign workers jobs, then they should take help from a professional visa agency. They will guide you accurately on how to apply and do the paperwork. If you are not sure about the process, then it may be a waste of effort and money in lodging for an application. It’s better to take help from skilled consultants rather than wasting your energy and time. It is crucial to have the foreigner’s skills promoted as highly advantageous not only for the hiring firm but for the whole economy. Another part of success is representing the hiring firm as a reliable and promising creator of jobs for the locals that values foreign expertise and innovations.
A visa agency like us knows how to make a presentable application with proper documents. If you are still confused, then you can always get in touch with us. We can also provide you with a free assessment of your papers and case.

Renewal Of S-Pass in Singapore

If the hiring firm fulfils specific requirements, including quota limits, levies and medical insurances, they can extend the S-Pass validity. The renewal option would be available before six months of the expiry date. The renewal application can be processed via EP Online. The completed renewal form needs to be acknowledged by the authorities 14 days earlier than the date of expiry. If the hiring firms are unable to meet the deadline, the visa would be cancelled. They would have to apply once again from the start. The outcome of the S-Pass renewal application submitted online will be disclosed in 7 working days. If the form were submitted manually, then the results would be shown in 5 weeks.
If you are confused or have any query in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our consultants. Their help and guidance would give you a better understanding of the process and its eligibility.

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