What Is Training Employment Pass In Singapore?

Those students who have studied in well-known institutions can pursue their training and career in Singapore through a Training Employment Pass (TEP). The 3-month training can help them become executives, managers and professionals in leading Singaporean firms. But it is essential for the training to be a part of the students’ academic study. This opportunity allows students to grow and take a step towards success. They can experience working at the most excellent industries of Singapore in between expert local workers.

Requirements for Singapore Training Employment Pass

Eligibility Criteria for the overseas student include:

  • A sponsor business must offer the student 3,000 SGD.
  • The training must be a part of the student academic study.
  • Students studying in well-known institutions can only get a training employment pass. The list of universities is mentioned on the official page of MOM (the Ministry of Manpower).
  • A leading Singaporean company must sponsor the student

Features of Training Employment Pass (TPE)

  • A sponsor company must apply for the application on behalf of the student.
  • Families of the students cannot be called to Singapore.
  • The training cannot be repeated on the same pass.
  • The Training Employment Pass (TPE) is granted for three months which can’t be extended.
  • There is no quota or levy required.
  • This opportunity is best for international students to begin their career paths and make their futures brighter.
What to Do if TEP Application Gets Rejected?

As the demand for jobs in Singapore is rising due to which the government is trying to control the flow of workers by limiting the visas approved. Only highly skilled and talented students get the chance to avail this opportunity and polish their skills. A large number of students apply for a Training Employment Pass due to which not every application is accepted. There are many reasons due to which the government rejects such candidates:

  • A student may have tried to reappear for the same training
  • The firm sponsoring may not have a strong profile
  • The student may not be highly talented or intellectual
  • The university may not be highly recognised

Within three months, you may have the chance to appeal for the rejection. It is advised that if you can’t fight against the issue claimed by the MOM so it’s better you don’t appeal for the case. If you still want to appeal, then you can take expert advice from a qualified Singapore visa consultancy agency like us. We know better how to guide students and how to appeal a case. Our consultants will help to address you the problems and make sure that your documents submitted may be supporting. You are suggested to get in touch with our experts to get your visa approved.

How to Apply for Training Employment Pass?

A recognised sponsor company can apply on behalf of the student for a training employment pass (TEP). This can be done through EP online. Required and essential documents which support the students' eligibility must be submitted through the online service. It takes up to 7 days to process the application and declare the results. If a student is talented and promising, then the government usually accepts the application.

If you get approved for a Training Employment Pass, you can print the approval letter online. That letter will allow you to enter the country. Within six months you will have to visit the country. As soon as the student visits the country, they’ll be issued the visa.

How to Get Training EP in Singapore?

A student must get a training contract from a recognised Singaporean company. The company must confirm that the training is part of the students’ academic study. A proof should also be provided that the student has not attended this training before. Then only the company can send the application. If these requirements are fulfilled, then the government can allow the company to process the application further. To get the process and paperwork done easily, you will need a professional visa consultant. Our consultants will undergo the procedure and complete all the requirements. If the student were not able to fulfil all the requirements, we would provide some other solutions to help them get to Singapore.

How to Renew Training Employment Pass?

As mentioned above, training employment pass cannot be renewed after its expiration which is of 3 months. It is a one time visa. If a student wants to get another training in Singapore, they may consider looking for other opportunities. Our consultants can also help students to plan pathways and guide them through different visa opportunities available. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get free assessments and guidance to make your career better.

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